Thursday, March 13, 2014

The AURA - electromagnetic field of the body

I have checked out the article on the electromagnetic field around every person, and it is good to know more and more scientists today are acknowledging the presence of the energy fields or auras which ancient traditions spoke about, and new technologies are developed, "claiming to capture the human aura and also help us in detecting the subtle imbalances in our bodies." I also noted that "Eastern practices, both medical and spiritual, are initially directed at correcting the aura i.e. the spiritual body rather than the physical... in this way energy healing sent by prayers, reiki, intention etc. is always first received on the outermost layer of the aura i.e., Astral body and then transferred to the other bodies". 

This reminds me of the pranic healing I received early last year for the lower back pain and right shoulder pain I experienced. I had incurred back pain after carrying heavy objects and the pain had eventually subsided but still lingered, so by the time I saw the practitioner at the pranic healing workshop, he was able to help resolve the lingering effects of the back pain using energy healing method. Later, I decided to go to his clinic known as Pranic Angel and attended a few sessions of energy healing for the right shoulder condition. Though the frozen shoulder symptoms still persisted since it typically takes at least a year for the full cycle of recovery or near-recovery for this condition, I felt a sense of peace during the healing sessions. I also bought the aromatherapy salt bath scrub from the clinic. Here's the website of Pranic Angel clinic

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