Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the resurgence of folk herbalism

I have read this informative and engaging article on the resurgence of folk herbalism in view of the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine in treating the root causes of sickness, as well as a growing knowledge and appreciation for the age-old and time-tested effectiveness of herbal medicine in preventing and treating sickness holistically.

I agree with the article that "holistic health modalities which focus on wellness and prevention" are our mainstay, compared to doctors and medical drugs which are important only as a complement to be used as a last resort, "especially for trauma care and acute illnesses".

It is also interesting to read the writer's own experience in discovering that cleavers are not really "weeds" as they are a perfect remedy for a skin disease with which she was struggling at that time. I decided to google about cleavers to find out more about it, and I learnt from this article that cleavers "is one of the best tonics for the lymphatic system available", and "is helpful in clearing the urinary tract with basis in the lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify the kidneys, keeping them in good working order". 

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