Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fermented foods

I have read the article "Fermented Foods" and found it useful as a reference on making our own fermented foods that are easy to digest and have more bio-available nutrients. The recipe on making sauerkraut seems doable as it involves only natural unprocessed salt, cabbage, carrots and water - I haven't tried making fermented food though, and I will try my hands at making one one of these days.

I learnt from a related article that lacto-fermentation needs "salt, water, and jars plus an anaerobic environment which allows the good bacteria to flourish." I will learn through trial and error, as mentioned in that article. I have also noted other fermented food recipes such as fermented fish, and homemade yoghurt and kefir.

About 11 Ways To Keep Your Home A Cancer-Free Zone

I have checked out this informative article on ways to keep our home a cancer-free zone, and noted the helpful tips such as switching to natural toothpastes free from toxins and freshening the air with household plants instead of using synthetic sprays.

I am glad to have switched to fluoride-free toothpastes recently, and I also use non-alcohol mouthwash occasionally nowadays. As for air fresheners, we use Febreze once in a while in the rooms after changing pillow sheets, and I discovered online recently that this spray contains harmful chemicals, according to this website. The website also recommends house plants to refresh the air naturally, and I will be getting potted lavender in the near future, which is also beneficial as natural aromatherapy.

An Article on Building Up Good Bacteria in the Digestive System

I find the article on building up good bacteria in the digestive system comprehensive in detailing the various ways of building good bacteria in the digestive system, such as avoiding, or minimising, food that deplete beneficial bacteria, consuming fermented foods and drinks, and using natural soap and water instead of antibacterial soap.

I sometimes use Asepso soap which is antibacterial, and other times I use the green 999 chlorophyl soap, as shown in this blog. I think I will use the 999 chlorophyll soap more often where possible in future as it has natural ingredients such as coconut oil and eucalyptus oil, as I learnt in this website.

Recently, we also bought Korean kimchi from the supermarket, and I have checked that the ingredients are natural.  It tasted yummy.

I have also noted from the above article other ways to prevent depletion of good bacteria, such as avoiding sources of stress on the body, and moderating use of harsh cleaning chemicals to santize the environment. All in all, the article is a helpful resource to keep.

Monday, March 24, 2014

About the 5 die-off myths

  • Switching from processed food to a real food diet (death of pathogens by starving)
  • Starting or increasing probiotics dosage (death of pathogens by good soldiers)
  • Starting or increasing dosage of antiparasitic, anti-yeast or antibiotic (death of pathogens by bombing)

I have finished reading the above very comprehensively written article on the 5 die-off myths and I have also checked out many of the comments in the comment section. It helps me understand the nature of die-off as a result of a very substantial change to the dietary treatment plan. The description of the three scenarios mentioned in the article are funny as much as they are helpful, and I think the use of the battle-scene scenarios is quite apt, since in each scenario, the bad bacteria/pathogens are being destroyed, through different methods. I find this article a good resource on how to interpret the clues the body is giving us with regard to the kinds of food we eat.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Green smoothies - Are they good or bad for you?

I have checked out both links above and I noted there are three reasons to avoid, or minimise intake of, green smoothies, from an Ayurvedic perspective: 
  • the overall cold, dry and rough quality of the smoothies may aggravate the vata, causing gas or pain after eating, anxiety and/or other symptoms
  • the smoothie may deplete deep tissues that nourish the immune system or ojas
  • the complex combination of raw fruits and greens can be difficult to digest. 
I noted some suggested adjustments to make the green smoothies slightly more Ayurvedically-friendly, such as adding a pinch of turmeric and ginger to aid digestion, keeping the ingredients to a minimum, and having them a couple of times a week instead of daily. 
I learnt from the second article that people "with a dominant Vata dosha tend to be slim, with small frame and prominent bones. They are fast, changeable and often love any kind of movement, change and travel.... They often feel cold and prefer warmth - warm foods, drinks and climates.... Following a Vata pacifying diet is very important."
I also find the article in this website helpful for me to understand more about how green smoothies tend to have different results for different people, depending on whether they may already have some digestive issues that are still being resolved, and/or some other factors such as rotation of greens, and so on.
Like the excerpt from the second article quoted below, as well as some of the testimonies shared in the comment section of the articles by the readers, for most people, raw greens may initially help in cleansing when taken in small amounts for a period of time before the cleansing may eventually reach the end of its benefits, and the raw greens may begin to affect the digestion and nervous system over time in such cases. 
"In Chinese medicine, it has been known for centuries that too many raw fruits and veggies will damage the digestion, creating symptoms of gas, bloating, poor absorption, depression, fatigue and more. When the digestion is weakened over time this adversely affects the nervous system, immune system, and adrenals."

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The AURA - electromagnetic field of the body

I have checked out the article on the electromagnetic field around every person, and it is good to know more and more scientists today are acknowledging the presence of the energy fields or auras which ancient traditions spoke about, and new technologies are developed, "claiming to capture the human aura and also help us in detecting the subtle imbalances in our bodies." I also noted that "Eastern practices, both medical and spiritual, are initially directed at correcting the aura i.e. the spiritual body rather than the physical... in this way energy healing sent by prayers, reiki, intention etc. is always first received on the outermost layer of the aura i.e., Astral body and then transferred to the other bodies". 

This reminds me of the pranic healing I received early last year for the lower back pain and right shoulder pain I experienced. I had incurred back pain after carrying heavy objects and the pain had eventually subsided but still lingered, so by the time I saw the practitioner at the pranic healing workshop, he was able to help resolve the lingering effects of the back pain using energy healing method. Later, I decided to go to his clinic known as Pranic Angel and attended a few sessions of energy healing for the right shoulder condition. Though the frozen shoulder symptoms still persisted since it typically takes at least a year for the full cycle of recovery or near-recovery for this condition, I felt a sense of peace during the healing sessions. I also bought the aromatherapy salt bath scrub from the clinic. Here's the website of Pranic Angel clinic

Health benefits of Gotu Kola

I came across this article on a herb called gotu kola, which has been found to calm anxiety naturally, among other benefits. Here's sharing with you since you are interested in herbology and you may find it useful as a reference too. I will also archive this information in my blog for future reference.
(NaturalHealth365) " For many centuries, gotu kola has been a mainstay of both the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing systems. Botanically known as Centella asiatica, and also referred to as Asiatic pennywort, this member of the parsley family has been used in TCM to treat kidney failure and malaria, as well as a variety of skin conditions – including leprosy. In Ayurveda,, where it is known as brahmi, gotu kola is prescribed for similar purposes.

But, gotu kola may also have potent psychological and mental benefits, such as the power to improve cognitive abilities, reduce anxiety and enhance longevity."
- See more at:
I googled and found another article that shares similar findings on the benefits and uses of the gotu kola herb.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Feeding Versus Cleansing" by Dr Natasha

I have checked out this very comprehensive blog on "feeding versus cleansing" by Dr Natasha, and it is interesting to learn that animal foods such as fresh good quality meat, fish, eggs and dairy are largely feeding/building, while plant foods such as beans, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are largely cleansing/detoxifying. I find it useful to know that vegan diets are ideal only for temporary cleansing, and cooking plants help make them more digestible, and animal foods are needed for buiilding our body with the necessary fat and protein. I also find it interesting to note that our body goes through cycles of building itself up and cleansing itself, and "desire for a particular food is the main way your body tells you what it needs at any particular moment nutritionally".

Yes, come to think of it, there were times I do have a desire to eat certain foods during lunchtime, and even though I usually eat mainly vegetables and occasionally egg for lunch, I sometimes felt like eating some meat as well. This is especially so when I feel a bit hungirer than usual and I would be thinking maybe I should eat something more filling, such as some meat. I also noted from the article that everyone is unique, and what may suit another person may not suit me and vice versa. All in all, it is a very informative blog.
"Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) are the most difficult conditions to treat. The detoxification system in these people is in complete collapse.

The toxins... impair the function of mitochondria in the cells. Mitochondria are our energy factories in the body. As they are disabled the person suffers from severe fatigue, which is the main symptom of these three conditions. The detox system needs energy to function, so the person is trapped in a vicious cycle of not being able to produce energy or detoxify.
As the detoxification system is disabled, any amount of die-off is poorly tolerated, as die-off increases toxicity in the body, and... That is why people with these problems have to go so slowly with increasing probiotics or fermented foods....

Try to modify your GAPS diet according to your personal needs: move through the stages faster or add foods which you feel will be good for you earlier, while avoiding those that are difficult for you to handle at the moment.
My heart goes out to people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and ME; you have a real challenge with your health, one of the most difficult ones....

The important thing for you is to never give up and trust your body: your body knows what it needs at any moment. You need to develop a real connection with your body, to learn to listen to it and have a deep love and respect for it. Because it is your body that is doing the healing, not the diet or supplements or anything else....

Your recovery process is a partnership between you and your body. So, don’t try to impose anything on your body without asking it first if it agrees with that.... Your mind is affected by many different things and can deceive you, while your body is always right.

We have lost touch with our nature and it takes time to learn to listen to our bodies and our souls. But as you learn, you will become more and more successful, and not only at your physical recovery, but many other aspects of life." - Dr Natasha Campbell McBride

It is encouraging to read this above quote by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, in knowing that we can become more and more successful at our recovery from the physical symptoms of accumulated toxins in the body, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, by learning to listen to our body and our soul, especially with regard to the kinds of food we eat, according to our personal needs. I googled about this just now and came across a couple of articles below in which the writers shared how the GAPS diet has helped them in their healing journey.

"Gaps diet cured my chronic fatigue. I still have some minor issues that are healing."


Saturday, March 8, 2014


In the beginning part of the above video, the photo of reishi mushroom at the 2:20-minute mark reminds me of a similar mushroom I saw at the rainforest at Pulau Ubin recently, as shown in this photo.

The shape of the mushroom looks similar, except the colour of this mushroom is darker brown, so I guess it is probably a related species of reishi or lingzhi.

It is good to be refreshed by the informative summary in the video that the speaker had given on the numerous benefits of reishi or lingzhi, such as supporting our innate ability to handle stress evenly, enhancing our immune system, supporting our liver's natural detoxification process, having antioxidant effects, and increasing the flow of oxygen throughout our body. I also noted reishi is beneficial for the lungs and heart, and is also antiviral, anticancer and antitumour. It is interesting to learn that reishi is one of those tonic herbs that build up the three treasures of jing, qi and shen in our body, which catalyse our own personal development and spiritual power.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

On the resurgence of folk herbalism

I have read this informative and engaging article on the resurgence of folk herbalism in view of the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine in treating the root causes of sickness, as well as a growing knowledge and appreciation for the age-old and time-tested effectiveness of herbal medicine in preventing and treating sickness holistically.

I agree with the article that "holistic health modalities which focus on wellness and prevention" are our mainstay, compared to doctors and medical drugs which are important only as a complement to be used as a last resort, "especially for trauma care and acute illnesses".

It is also interesting to read the writer's own experience in discovering that cleavers are not really "weeds" as they are a perfect remedy for a skin disease with which she was struggling at that time. I decided to google about cleavers to find out more about it, and I learnt from this article that cleavers "is one of the best tonics for the lymphatic system available", and "is helpful in clearing the urinary tract with basis in the lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify the kidneys, keeping them in good working order". 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The most effective mood stabilizers in natural medicine

I have checked out this article and found it useful as a reference. I learnt that the most effective mood stabilisers include ginseng, lavender, St John's wort, kava kava, Passion flower, winter cherry or ashwagandha, and arctic root or rhodiola. I noted that lavender is "a part of aromatherapy for headaches and depression", and incidentally,  I have been occasionally using aromatherapy salt bath scrub containing lavender, rose and sandalwood ingredients after showering, which I bought from the pranic healing clinic last year. 

I noted from the article that passionflower is a "natural sedative relieves occasional anxiety and mild panic attacks". I happened to have bought some herbal tea mixture containing passionflower and other complementary herbs some time ago from an organic health store. 
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