Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Article on Building Up Good Bacteria in the Digestive System

I find the article on building up good bacteria in the digestive system comprehensive in detailing the various ways of building good bacteria in the digestive system, such as avoiding, or minimising, food that deplete beneficial bacteria, consuming fermented foods and drinks, and using natural soap and water instead of antibacterial soap.

I sometimes use Asepso soap which is antibacterial, and other times I use the green 999 chlorophyl soap, as shown in this blog. I think I will use the 999 chlorophyll soap more often where possible in future as it has natural ingredients such as coconut oil and eucalyptus oil, as I learnt in this website.

Recently, we also bought Korean kimchi from the supermarket, and I have checked that the ingredients are natural.  It tasted yummy.

I have also noted from the above article other ways to prevent depletion of good bacteria, such as avoiding sources of stress on the body, and moderating use of harsh cleaning chemicals to santize the environment. All in all, the article is a helpful resource to keep.

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