Monday, March 19, 2012

Natural remedies for liver hemangioma

Based on what I have learnt so far from various health articles, what can be done for liver hemangioma is to keep the liver functioning at its optimal condition so that it remains benign and hopefully disappear by itself over time, as mentioned in some cases.

As suggested by the Liver Doctor and Natural News websites, the important thing is to have a strong functioning immune system, which comes from having a strong functioning liver by taking excess workload off the liver through:
(1) customised liver diet
(2) good night sleep.

(1) Customised liver diet
In summary, the liver diet would include beets, raw vegetable juices, tofu (natural bean curd), miso soup, bokchoy (chinese cabbage), fresh fruit, vegetable salad, and drinking two litres of water (about 8 glasses) daily.

The diet will also exclude margarines, deep fried and fatty foods, limiting chicken and turkey (which may contain artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and steriods), overly processed food and processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.

(2) Good night sleep
As for good night sleep, the Natural News website recommends sleeping from 11pm to 7am (about 8 hours), as follows:

"Overnight from 11 pm until 3 am the energy is strongest in the gall bladder and liver. These organs cleanse the blood and control sleep."


Chinese Medicine and Herb Advice
 "As you know, hepatic hemangiomas usually cause no symptoms and are
usually undiagnosed. In more severe cases, when digestive symptoms, or
rib or abdominal pain do occur, these symptoms may respond to
treatment with Chinese herbs. I'm sure you realize that Chinese
medicine developed without lab tests or Western diagnosis
 Benign tumors are signs of dampness and stagnation. More appropriate
are herbs such as Zhi Ke (Aurantium), Xiang Fu (Cyprus), and Chai Hu

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