Saturday, March 8, 2014


In the beginning part of the above video, the photo of reishi mushroom at the 2:20-minute mark reminds me of a similar mushroom I saw at the rainforest at Pulau Ubin recently, as shown in this photo.

The shape of the mushroom looks similar, except the colour of this mushroom is darker brown, so I guess it is probably a related species of reishi or lingzhi.

It is good to be refreshed by the informative summary in the video that the speaker had given on the numerous benefits of reishi or lingzhi, such as supporting our innate ability to handle stress evenly, enhancing our immune system, supporting our liver's natural detoxification process, having antioxidant effects, and increasing the flow of oxygen throughout our body. I also noted reishi is beneficial for the lungs and heart, and is also antiviral, anticancer and antitumour. It is interesting to learn that reishi is one of those tonic herbs that build up the three treasures of jing, qi and shen in our body, which catalyse our own personal development and spiritual power.

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