Monday, March 24, 2014

About the 5 die-off myths

  • Switching from processed food to a real food diet (death of pathogens by starving)
  • Starting or increasing probiotics dosage (death of pathogens by good soldiers)
  • Starting or increasing dosage of antiparasitic, anti-yeast or antibiotic (death of pathogens by bombing)

I have finished reading the above very comprehensively written article on the 5 die-off myths and I have also checked out many of the comments in the comment section. It helps me understand the nature of die-off as a result of a very substantial change to the dietary treatment plan. The description of the three scenarios mentioned in the article are funny as much as they are helpful, and I think the use of the battle-scene scenarios is quite apt, since in each scenario, the bad bacteria/pathogens are being destroyed, through different methods. I find this article a good resource on how to interpret the clues the body is giving us with regard to the kinds of food we eat.

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