Thursday, April 24, 2014

Notes on "RHR: Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease"

I have finished reading the podcast interview transcript and the comments below the podcast, and I find the overview of Lyme's disease both detailed and informative. The information on Lyme's disease is new to me, and I took some time to google and familiarise myself with the information too. I noted from the podcast that one way to prevent it is to wear long pants and tuck our pants into our socks, and try not to sit under the oak trees in the leaf litter, the high area where ticks tend to hang out when hiking outdoors, especially in wooded areas in North America and Europe. 

Like a reader commented, I also appreciate Dr Schweig’s candor in the even-handed discussion of antibiotics, naturopathic medicine and integrative therapies on treating Lyme's disease. I also noted from a related article that some natural antibiotics that may prevent the onset of Lyme's disease infection include garlic and echinacea. 
Dr. Sunjya Schweig:  And to be honest with you, getting into this world has always been a little bit a struggle because I came at it from a really integrative, complementary, alternative medicine point of view, which is that I wanted to get away from antibiotics.  I wanted to really do my best to respect the gut and the gut immune system and the gut ecology and the microbiome, so I frequently find myself kind of caught where I see these treatments helping, but on the other hand, I’m always concerned and aware of the risks to the human organism as a whole.  So I will also be rotating in a variety of different herbal protocols, whether it’s some of the Stephen Buhner herbs – He has a couple of really good books out, very, very well-researched scientific works on the actions of some of these herbal antibiotics.  I’ll also use a lot of Byron White Formulas, some really great herbal protocols and products, as well as there’s a woman named Susan McCamish who has a group of products that are really helpful.

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