Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I believe the digestive system is the core of life energy, intuition and longevity." - Nadya Andreeva

I have checked out the article on the 7 happy belly foods, and the photos of some of the foods, such as wild Alaskan salmon, bone broth and lacto-fermented veggies, look delicious. We still have some organic coconut oil left in the kitchen after it has been used for cooking, which I bought some time last year, and I am now using it occasionally for oil pulling or rinsing my mouth in the morning, after having read articles on its health benefits. As for bone broth, I've come to realise too that it is a simple and effective way to improve digestion, and my mother sometimes makes fish bone broth or soup with vegetables for dinner.

I have also come to like kimchi as it is tasty and slightly spicy, as well as appreciate the fact that it has "very high levels of probiotics" and is a potent detoxifier. Like someone commented below the article,  "I've been living in Korea (where kimchi is derived from) for the past year and can tell you %100 that Kimchi has helped with digestion and now I'm an addict! I want Kimchi with EVERYTHING. .... Lastly, some studies show that Kimchi contains compounds that may prevent the growth of cancer! Yay, Kimchi!"

And yes, as I have come to learn about the connection between the gut and the brain, the digestive system is indeed the core of life energy, intuition and longevity. I googled about it , and came across this article that says new research on polyphenols in colourful fruits and vegetables can help microorganisms in our digestive system, and may extend our lifespan, too. 

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