Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'Digital detox' and other health matters

I have checked out the very informative podcast interview and I learnt from Chris Kresser's experience in his 10-day digital detox of not using the phone or computer and instead "reading a lot, both nonfiction and fiction, meditating a lot, a lot of physical activity and a lot of time just doing nothing, and it’s been really extremely therapeutic" for him. I can relate to this as I do feel a bit more grounded whenever I take time away from the computer at the workplace wherever possible, and take a longer than usual walk to a coffee shop during lunchtime, or go up to the rooftop to rest my eyes from the computer screen in the afternoon, except for a quick glance at my mobile phone every few minutes or so to check if there are any important new emails. 

I learnt from the second half of the interview that as long as the levels of the beneficial bacteria in the gut, bifidobacteria, are normal or increased, a really high fat diet does not contribute to endotoxemia. I also learnt that it is possible to restore our gut flora if we are unable to tolerate probiotics or fermented foods and if it is not likely due to histamine intolerance by starting with extremely low doses of probiotics that are suitable for us and building up very slowly over time, besides taking prebiotics and fermentable fiber that "has the most profound impact on the quantity and composition of the gut flora over time", wherever possible or appropriate. 

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