Monday, September 17, 2012

What we consume affects us

"Now I wonder how much human suffering – sickness, psychosis, ignorance, broken relationships, injustice, even war – is caused from industrialized food." ~ from "The Food Lone Ranger"
 I think it's helpful to read the above-mentioned blog about the author's experiences on how the body would tend to be sensitive to processed or industrialized food after detoxing with natural foods or supplements, which reminds me of what you shared from your own experiences too. I googled about it just now and learnt this is commonly observed by food nutritionists. This website also suggests taking probiotics and ginger tea, among other natural supplements, regularly to support digestion and continue detoxifying the body.

Post Detox Guidelines | After your detox retreat

"You get very sensitive on a detox retreat, transition to a normal diet... Healthy juices, probiotics, kefir, both water and dairy,natural yoghurt, fermented soy like tempeh or natto, fermented ..."
I also googled and learnt that industrialised food tends to desensitise one's taste buds. I wonder if the same kind of food would desensitise a person in other ways too. Given that a person would feel more energetic and think more clearly after detoxing and abstaining from processed food such as sugar and genetically modified wheat, perhaps this might mean that those who continue to eat much processed food regularly would not be able to think as clearly or feel as deeply about human concerns, which in turn may result in injustice and conflicts in the world in the long run. So perhaps there is some connection between processed food and human suffering because what we consume do affect us in some ways.

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