Saturday, September 29, 2012

What happens when a whole nation of people wakes up?

1. They start to pay attention.
2. They recognize lies when they hear them.
3. They take responsibility for sleepwalking through life.
4. They quickly recognize people who would take from, rather than (take care of them)...
5. They refuse to buy in to the lies.
6. They actively reject people and (institutions) that would hurt them.
7. They work to expose the lies.
8. They let go of old ideas (traditions), laws and people that no longer serve them.
9. They vow to never (to support lies) again.

This sums up the process that people go through when they realise they have been misled or deceived by the system or institution that was supposed to help or take care of them. This is especially so when it comes to organised religions and healthcare systems that prioritise power and profits over people's general well-being. When it comes to mainstream Christianity, for example, people start to pay attention to the spiritual abuse caused by fear-based doctrines and legalism, and question these doctrines, and recognise the self-serving nature of the institutions. They refuse to buy in to the lies and reject the institutions that would hurt or take from them instead of take care of them, and they would work to expose the lies, such as through blogs, videos and podcasts, and let go of old ideas and traditions that no longer serve them. They also form support groups and communities to find support and encourage one another as they find healing and take comfort they are not alone in their hurt and spiritual abuse by the religious system.

Similarly, when it comes to the healthcare system, people are also starting to pay attention to medical propaganda about cancer screenings and treatments, vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs, for example, and question the necessity and reliability of these practices and medications. They realise through doing their own research that much of the healthcare system is actually profiting at the expense of people's health and well-being, especially when the system uses fear tactics to coerce people to go for screenings, in the hope of making money, when/if some results show false positives and the affected people become anxious and consider going for treatments, which may actually be unnecessary. The people decide to take responsibility for their own health and not give in to fear or allow themselves to be stressed so as not to become dependent on the healthcare system. They also form support groups and communities to share testimonies to encourage one another and to create a greater awareness about the lies of the healthcare system as well as about alternative solutions, such as diet, exercise, and natural remedies, treatments and prevention. While there are certainly some benefits of healthcare, such as non-invasive blood tests and surgery in serious or emergency cases, at the same time there are also dubious motivations in the some healthcare systems when it comes to certain mass cancer screenings, vaccinations and over-prescription of pharmaceutical drugs at the expense of the people's health and well-being.

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