Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Early Cancer Detection Does Not Save Lives" - Dr Leonard Coldwell

Video commentary: Dr. Leonard Coldwell believes there is no benefit to early detection and explains why. He also says that many cancer treatments actually cause cancer themselves.
This video reminds me of related posts that I have researched on before, that say every human being already has some cancer cells in their bodies, which is normal and natural. As long as our body's immune system remains strong, it will not be a problem because there is no chance for the cancer cells to multiply to dangerous levels. I think one downside of cancer treatments, as noted by the video and many others, is that these treatments lower the immune system because of radiation, which only makes the body vulnerable.  So it may be better to focus on natural ways to boost the immune system and keep cancer cells at bay, such as through diet, exercise, deep breathing, etc, as shared in this blog.

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