Sunday, September 30, 2012

Better to invest in buying and eating organic food

According to this article, Monsanto is the evil corporation in our refrigerators.

While some people may say that the above article is just a conspiracy theory, I believe there is some hint of truth in some "conspiracy theories", and there are indeed many reasons for people to question the practices of Monsanto, which appear to harm the environment and human health, as well as impose unfair treatments on farmers. For one, I have come to see that genetically modified food is mostly against natural processes of plant growth, and tinkling with nature can result in ecological harm, such as causing superweeds to grow, as noted by the article. I think I also read somewhere that GM wheat contains excess gluten that can be hard for many people to digest properly, and result in gluten intolerance, compared to organically grown wheat.

So yea, it is better to invest in buying organic foods where possible, because though they are generally more expensive than mass produced GM foods or processed foods, we actually save money in the long run in terms of healthcare because at least we are assured we can stay healthy and have less risk of health complications that may be caused by eating too much GM foods. It is good for people to make informed decisions in buying food, thanks to articles such as the above article to create awareness.

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