Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Benefits Of Eucommia Bark Herbal Extract

I have checked out the above video and noted the benefits of Eucommia bark herbal extract, such as helping to lower stress and anxiety and keeping the bones strong and the joints supple. It is interesting to learn from this related article below I came across just now that Eucommia Bark is the health ranger Mike Adams' most favorite chinese herb, which he took regularly as he "used to suffer from chronic lower back pain in years past", and he now takes steps to nutritionally support his back and kidneys.
"The little-known Chinese herb powerhouse: Eucommia Bark
My single most favorite Chinese herb is, without question, eucommia bark. This isn't an herb many people have heard of, but it has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for literally thousands of years.

Although FDA censorship won't let me tell you much about this herb, I can at least offer the simple statement that "eucommia bark may help support healthy bone function*." In Chinese Medicine, it is an element frequently used in formulas referred to as "kidney energy" formulas, as it may also help support and normalize regular kidney function.*"

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030751_Dragon_Herbs_Chinese_Medicine.html#ixzz2uLWBxgaB
I also found this article below that is quite informative in describing the benefits of Eummonia bark, as well as its background and its safety in usage. 
"Eucommia bark is very mild and has no known adverse side effects or negative interactions with drugs. Eucommia bark is safe for both men and women, and has been traditionally given to both. Eucommia leaf is now being substituted for the bark in many commercial products (it is less expensive), but the leaf is believed to be less effective for structural issues than the bark.
Experiments conducted around the world continually demonstrate a very high tolerance for Eucommia bark by animals and humans. Animal studies repeatedly find no toxicity or side effects from the use of Eucommia bark at even high levels of consumption. No acute or chronic toxicity has been reported regarding the reasonable use of concentrated Eucommia ulmoides bark extracts in humans. Nevertheless, all herbs should be consumed in moderation, based on standard usage."
I find this article below useful too, such as in describing how Eucommia has been made into a sleep supplement by a natural health products manufacturer. 

"Eummonia is found in many natural preparations. Recently, for example, the natural health products manufacturer eHelps compounded Eucommia into a sleep supplement, that promotes refreshing sleep by strengthening the Qi and tonifying the sleep wake cycle. Eucommia was included because it strengthens the Qi."

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