Monday, February 17, 2014


I noted from this article that borage is a herb that is now naturalized in most parts of Europe, and it has a "cucumber-like fragrance", and when steeped in water, it imparts a coolness to it and a faint cucumber flavour". As for its uses, I learnt borage can be used for fevers and pulmonary (lung) complaints, or as a gargle to relieve inflammation and ulcers in the mouth or throats".

I read in this related article on some ways the borage leaves can be used.

"The leaves can also be used. Some ideas for use include:
  • Adding to gin-based summer cocktails
  • Placing the young leaves into salads cooked like spinach or dipped in batter asfritters
  • Use the leaves uncooked in salads and soups, as they have a cucumber flavor
  • Add sprigs to wine, cider, and fruit drinks
  • Freeze the flowers into ice cubes
  • Use the flowers as garnishes in salads
  • Candy the flowers for cake decorations."
This blog below says that the Indian borage is used as a cough remedy too.

"In Singapore, the Indian Borage is often mistakened as a type of mint. To make things worse, a rough search using the Internet search engine will yield has several confusing common names. Botanically, the Indian Borage is known as Plectranthus amboinicus and is a member of Lamiaceae and this herb is famed for its use as a cough remedy."

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