Friday, October 5, 2012

Where does canola oil get its name from?

According to someone called Gathana who commented in this website "Danger In The Kitchen:Is Canola Oil Bad For You?"
"Canola stands for “CANadian Oil Low Acid”. It is made from the seed of the rape plant, and was modified (first through plant breeding, then genetically) for low erucic acid which is a potent toxin. There is no known safe quantity for human ingestion. Period. The level in Canola Oil was chosen because cows would tolerate the taste of the waste plant material after squeezing, not because that level was proven safe for humans or cows.

The name was chosen because Rape Oil wasn’t an attractive name. And Canola sounds like some harmless tree nut, right? The only human study done was a joke of a thing involving college boys who promised to only eat canola oil in their diet for six weeks. And they were the students of professors who were pocketing money from agricultural interests who desperately wanted it approved. It provided a great cash crop for cold Canadian lands. The approval by the FDA as “generally safe” followed a threat by western Canadian provinces to turn off the natural gas to Washington and Oregon if it weren’t approved! Many European studies showing its health dangers were ignored. Selective science.

That “natural” Canola Oil on the grocery shelf has been heat- and chemically-expressed, chemically de-gummed, bleached, and color added back. It’s popular for deep fat frying because it doesn’t break down even at exceptionally high temperatures and is terrifically water resistant. Not so easily digested in a human body which is 98.6 degrees and mostly water.

I’ve done extensive research on the history of Canola Oil as a world food crop. I can recommend it as a marine engine lubricant. And I would not eat it on a bet."
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