Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Realigning spine posture and resolving back pains through yoga

Here's sharing an interesting quote below from a blog about how yoga can help realign the spine posture and resolve back pains, which everyone may have experienced at some points in life. For me, doing yoga has helped me to be more conscious of my posture and reminds me to not slouch when standing or walking, for example, and I find that I feel better and more grounded when I make the effort to hold my head up and pull back my shoulders. This takes continual reminders and practice though on my part.

"Harris reminds us that in Hatha yoga the spine was seen as the center of our sacred anatomy It was considered the microcosm of the Axis Mundi, the pillar that supports the world. This pillar was seen as the axis between Heaven and Earth, and was paradoxically in constant motion while being motionless at the center. Harris writes “This implies one of the most important goals of yoga; to bring the body and mind into stillness in order to experience the inner world.”
"The Sacred Spine: Our Axis Between Heaven and Earth" by

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