Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rethinking Creativity and Depression

Questioning the mood – creativity link
"A number of writers and psychologists are questioning the validity of the long history of associating depression with creativity."

I also have come to see that creative writers and artists tend to be more in tune and in touch with their feelings, hence these feelings, whether happiness or sadness, are captured and reflected strongly in their creative works. Vincent van Gogh's paintings and Beethoven's music come to mind as fine examples of their creativity and genius being closely connected to their moments of intense moods of melancholy. Yes, it is unfortunate that medical science has largely misunderstood this aspect of human experience and label such melancholy as clinical depression, when actually this aspect is part of normal human psychology that is closely connected to creativity and artistry. The psalmists, for example, had written some of the most moving and expressive psalms during the dark moments of their sadness, exploring the inner depths of their being, deep calling unto deep, such as Psalm 42 and Psalm 88.

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