Friday, April 6, 2012

Foods that Feed The Pineal Gland

I just read an interesting health article on foods that feed the pineal gland or the third eye. It is helpful to know how certain foods (as well as sunlight) can expand the function and energy of the pineal gland, which in turn can determine the expansion of our psychic awareness. Maybe the ancients know the power of being exposed to sunlight as part of their expansion of psychic awareness, hence some of them worship the sun or spend time basking and meditating under the sun.

On the other hand, the article concludes by saying serotonin is just as important, so yea, sleeping in a dark environment helps nourish the pineal gland as well. I have read similar articles on this, and nowadays when I wake up in the morning to go to washroom, I would take care not to switch on the lights - my eyes would have adjusted well to the darkness and I would be able to make my way to the washroom and back to my bedroom. It is to help my brain to produce enough serotonin (as well as melatonin), because I read that sudden exposure to light at night can stop the production of these chemicals/hormones.

"Sleep in complete darkness or as close as possible. If there is even the tiniest bit of light in the room it can disrupt your circadian rhythm and your pineal gland's production of melatonin and seratonin. There also should be as little light in the bathroom as possible if you get up in the middle of the night. Please whatever you do, keep the light off when you go to the bathroom at night. As soon as you turn on that light you will for that night immediately cease all production of the important sleep aid melatonin."
"When you do go to bed, make your bedroom as dark as possible. Get dark drapes to block out street lights or other outside lights. If you can't do this, you may even want to try wearing a sleep mask. This will help the pineal start to convert the serotonin in your brain into melatonin."
It is also interesting to learn that certain foods such as seaweed vegetables can nourish the pineal gland. I think miso soup usually contains seaweed vegetables. Earlier this morning, I ate two bananas for  breakfast, and incidentally the article you shared with me says bananas produce serotonin which also feed the pineal gland. Great to know that.

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