Friday, January 17, 2014

"Being able to express repressed emotions can improve survival rate in cancer patients" - Candace Pert

I recognise Candace Pert's name as the one who wrote the book "Molecules of Emotions". I learnt from this article that when emotions are expressed, the flow of peptides in the body are released, so that the psychosomatic network facilities the healing of cancer cells, as mentioned below.

"Recent studies including those done by David Spiegel of Stanford have convincingly shown that being able to express emotions like anger and grief can improve survival rates in cancer patients.

In her fascinating book, Molecules of Emotion, Pert provides a theoretical model to explain why this might be so. Since emotional expression is always tied to a specific flow of peptides in the body, the chronic suppression of emotions results in a massive disturbance of the psychosomatic network."
Similarly, another article says:
"Re-living painful memories and giving yourself permission to fully and completely feel and express the painful feelings associated with them, is a liberating and healing experience.  It is the key to your health and well-being.  It is the key to releasing harmful negative energy from your body's cells, cells that mutate into cancer cells when under constant stress, due to depleted adrenaline levels, low oxygen levels, and high sugar levels.  And when practiced regularly, overtime, is the key to your healing and recovery from cancer."

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