Friday, February 15, 2013

Managing arthritis naturally

I was googling about back pain arthritis, and I came across this video in which Mike Adams gave some useful tips on managing arthritis (if we happen to have this condition).

According to him, unlike cars, the joints in our body do not wear out with use over time. On the contrary, our body needs regular motion to increase muscle strength and bone joint mobility, so it is important for us to find a balance between exercise (such as yoga) and over-using the joints. In terms of diet, we can continue to avoid foods that are not designed for human natural consumption, including foods that we are allergic to, fried foods, GM wheat etc, to avoid or minimse inflammation in the body. We can also remember to drink adequate water to prevent dehydration and possible inflammation in the body.

I find this article useful in its suggestion of 21 natural remedies to relieve/treat arthritis back pain, which includes massage therapy, low impact activities, encouraging lumbar support (using pillows and cushions), moving regularly, not over-exercising, and so on. In my workplace, I use a cushion to support my lower back when sitting in my office chair, which I think helps prevent back pain. You could try that too, if you haven't done so.

This related website also suggests some arthritis natural remedies, especially for back pain, such as bathing with warm water with soothing oils to relax tight muscles.

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