Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inner Peace

I have listened to the video on inner peace. Like what the presenter said, each of us has the power to create the reality we prefer, and there is no reality apart from how we choose to define it. This may sound self-explanatory but I guess everyone needs a reminder from time to time because circumstances can seem overwhelming and we can be carried away or absorbed in our pains and sufferings.

Being in touch with our emotions is a normal process to go through for us human beings, and I think we are blessed and equipped with a higher consciousness that we can tap into at any time in our journey of healing and strengthening - while it is true we can change our thinking in an instant, there is usually a period of time we come to terms with our experiences before we are ready to emerge, just as a caterpillar doesn't change into a butterfly immediately but goes through a metamorphosis and finally emerges from the cocoon and spreads its wings ready to fly.

I agree the truth is simple yet profound, and maybe that's why listening to the silence of our heart is crucial to remembering the truth since there are often distractions out there in the world from mass media and so on. We are our own best healers and physicians (and metaphysicians).

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